Kyrle Nelson's Website: Home page

Before we get started, let me clear up one quick thing: My name is pronounced 'Carl'.

Welcome to my home (page), and I mean this quite literally. Everything on this site, with the exception of some external links (to other sites) and the blog comments sections, is hosted on one of the servers on my personal home network. Please, poke around, explore, or simply go straight to what you are looking for. And most importantly: Enjoy your stay!

You can hide the navigation panel on the left by clicking the white left-pointing double arrow. After closing the navigation panel, click the blue right-pointing double arrow that appears and stays in the top right corner, to re-open it.
If you visit any secure area of this site (where you need a password) or if you specify https:// your browser will give you a warning. You connection will be secure, the warning is about the self signed certificate. You can add an exception easily enough and continue on securely by clicking advanced and then the link that starts with "Proceed to" at the bottom.

Most of this website is fundamentally complete, however, some content needs to be added (pictures/images, project details and reviews for example) and I still have a few other changes to make. The same goes for the mobile version of the site.

If you are here to learn about me personally and/or professionally, you will want to check out 'About Me'. There you will find a short and long version of my professional history and details. After that, there is a personal section focusing more on my personal life rather than professional. If you do not personally know me, I would recommend you start there.

The 'Blog' section isn�t your typical blog. Most of the articles there, and what will be put there in the future, are more musings than facts. Occasionally there will be hard facts and specific details to backup or prove the statements made, however, most of the ideas, concepts and explanations are interesting enough to share, but are either too far outside my interests or knowledge to have those details and proof, or are just not quite interesting enough to do the research or math to prove it. Therefore, most of the information there should be considered more opinion than fact unless specifically stated as fact.

'Projects' is a pretty self-explanatory section. It contains a list of projects I have completed, am working on, or have planned for the near future.

When I find particularly good (or bad) products or services worth sharing, I will write up a detailed review and place it in the 'Reviews' section.

The 'Media' section is mostly restricted to account holders and contains various media files (sound files, pictures, and videos) that I have collected over the years. While you can feel free to request access to this section, if I do not know you personally, your request is unlikely to be granted.

If you do not understand the 'Contact Me' section, maybe a website isn�t the place for you.

Interesting notes about this website:
It is all hosted on my personal servers, at my home, through my internet connection.
I have not used any webpage editors/creators for any part of this page.
All coding (HTML, JS, JQuery, PHP, and CSS) has been done in notepad.
The only part of this webpage I have to pay for is the domain name.
It has been a solo project; no one has edited this website except me.
It shares a physical server with my email server and webmail access is hosted the in same way and place as this site.

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